Aromatherapy Supplies

We are pleased to now offer a variety of aromatherapy supplies locally.  We intend to cater to small businesses and home practitioners, or for those who only require a minimal quantity of items, and who don't want to be subject to minimum order amounts, or do not require bulk products.  Products will vary in colour and material and some will only be available for a short run. This is intended to help keep costs reasonable.  Items will be updated regularly.


Currently, supplies are available for in-person purchase in the Annapolis Valley.  Stay tuned as we add more items and work towards online ordering!

In stock: (images, more items and prices coming soon)

Essential oils

individual oils

customized blends


2ml amber essential oil bottles

2ml pink roller bottles

5ml roller bottles

6ml roller bottles

10ml roller bottles

nasal inhalers

120 ml aluminum bottle with sprayer cap

80 ml PET plastic bottle with cap

30 ml LDPE plastic sampler bottle with cap

170 ml aluminum bottle with pump

240 ml aluminum bottle with trigger sprayer

75 ml PP plastic liquid deodorant roller bottle

110 gr aluminum powder shaker

30 ml airless refillable dispenser

Essential Oil Diffusers

full size home diffusers

portable diffusers

diffusing jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and pendants

vehicle vent clip diffusers

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