Educational Resources

We are committed to providing evidence-based educational resources to you! 


These are free for your personal use.  If you would like to use these resources to increase your knowledge, awareness, or to help build your own practice,  we ask that you please give credit or appropriate citations.

Resources found on these pages are informational only and not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers.

Aroma Science

When learning or working with essential oils, there are a number of great resources to support your journey.

Numerous research studies can be found on PubMed and Google Scholar.

There are also many great books out there - but equally as many not-so-great books.  Before purchasing a book we suggest that you check out the author - be sure that they are in fact an expert.  Check the publishing date - new studies and research are being done all the time - is the book up-to-date or current?  Check the reviews - and who the reviewers are - does is have good reviews from other experts in the field? 


These are just a few tips on where and how to find relevant information - For more info or suggestions, drop us a line!

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